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“Ganja Sanaye Cihaz” OJSC 


(former Kirovabad Instrument-making  Plant)

According to the decision of the USSR Council of People’s Commissars No. 2049 dated February 07, 1942, the equipment of the Simferopol engine repair plant was moved to Kirovabad, where under the leadership of director I.Y.Mayorov and chief engineer P.M.Zavyalov on April 21 of the same year by order No. 6 Kirovabad Mechanical plant was established.

In the summer of 1955, the plant was relocated to its present location. According to the order No. 167 dated July 30, 1959 of the Machine-Building Department of the Azerbaijan SSR NEC, the enterprise was renamed Kirovabad Instrument-Making Plant. 

In November 1965, the enterprise became a monopoly enterprise for the production of water meters in the Soviet Union, subordinated to the “Bashsanayejihaz” (later called “Ittifaqsanayejihaz”) department of the USSR Ministry of EU and PA Instrumentation. In 1985, the number of employees reached 1,369, of which 202 were engineers and technicians.

In 1985-1991, the annual production of water meters reached 170-200 thousand units. Meters with propeller  and turbine for hot and cold water, TEM type electromechanical heat meters were exported to all republics of the former USSR and socialist foreign countries. In 1993, the production of SKV-15 and SKV-20 household water meters was mastered.

The collapse of the Soviet state, the breakdown of economic ties for decades had a very negative impact on the company’s activities, relations with more than 600 counterparties were severed, and a period of decline began.

 Kirovabad Instrument-Making Plant was renamed Ganja Instrument-Making Plant by Order No. 127 of March 18, 1990.

According to the order No. 20 of the State Committee for Special Machine-Building and Conversion of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 24, 1997, Ganja “Cihaz” Production Association was established on March 1, 1997 on the basis of Ganja Instrument-Making Plant.

After the arrival of the great leader H.A.Aliyev on May 24, 2000, conditions were created for the revival of the enterprise.

According to the order No. 46 of the State Committee for State Property Management of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 24, 2006, “Ganja Sanaye Cihaz” OJSC was established on the basis of Ganja “Cihaz” Production Association.

“Galf Servis” LLC, the winner of the investment competition, invested 3.5 million euros in the company in 2006-2008 to regulate the production of smart-card type gas meters based on the technology of the French company Aktaris, and on March 3, 2008 the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Production began with the participation and blessing of Mr. Ilham Aliyev. However, due to the suspension of the order for our gas meters by “Azerigas” PA, the production activity of the plant was stopped on November 1, 2009.